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A message came from somewhere...

I hope everybody had nice Thanksgiving. I was invited to a young couple from Germany to have nice dinner that was a very untraditional Thanksgiving meal together. The meal was Chicken Cordon Bleu with Spaetzel and Greenbeans. The only traditional American dish was a pumpkin pie and apple cider that I like. It was lovely and delicious!

The last 3 weeks I was working on four different commission works, a total of 11 pieces of painting. I felt extremely thankful to have these opportunities and I put my best effort in each piece. The first two commissions were fairly easy. They were basically animal portraits. The other two were more specific - 1. One particular person in three different settings and 2. Four different but symbolic scenes of this person's life. I had some struggles, but it's always a learning moment when that happens. I learned two things from these experiences. One is that the more detailed information is the better outcomes are on paper. As I was listening to my clients' requests I made a mental map that this was happening between two brains exchanging information and my brain transforming their information to drawings and paintings. I thought it was a pretty fascinating process. Also, more importantly I felt the weight of what they were telling me. These paintings will live in somebody's life and they will include such emotional, sentimental and intimate feelings that these people have in their minds.

The weight led me to my second point of this experience. I wanted them to be simply really good. Against my wish I had some hard times. I had to go through fourth attempts to finish the very last piece. I felt unsatisfied with the first piece, felt okay, but not confident enough with the second piece, and absolutely hated the third piece that I wanted to tear it out to pieces. I had to walk away a bit. I watched three episodes of The Crown, took a short walk, ate food, drew something completely different, and etc. I am not sure what helped, but having a refreshed mind was a key that I should not be stuck in things that are not working out. Just move on. It ended up with green trees becoming red trees, and I followed more specific guidelines that was provided. It was already 1:30am and I decided to judge that piece after sleeping on it. And it was the first time that I felt satisfied in the next morning. Amazingly and timely enough I saw this post by chance yesterday and it was just a perfect message that I could ever receive. Thank you again my clients for all the great opportunities!


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