• Keiko Hayner

Friendships & Pandemic

It was already 7 months ago when the pandemic lock-down happened here in Austin, TX. Things are opening up slowly for sure, more dining-in restaurants, opening schools, more capacity allowed at stores and etc... But our lives have changed the way that a lot of us had never even thought of.

During this pandemic there have been so many occasions for me to reassure how precious, thankful, and important my friendships are. Because my side of family all lives in Japan the only thing that I can do is to call them at this moment. There were days that I missed my home so much more than the last 16 years since when I first stepped in the land of the U.S. back in 2004. What has helped me the most in the last several months is simply a collection of my friendships. We have shared thoughts, listened to each other, discussed what we could do, cried, and "most importantly" laughed. Without these friendships I literally don't think I could survive mentally without going insane. So, a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all of my friends to be there for me and my children because I surely saw a bright side of the pandemic from your love and kindness.

I was working on drawing and painting champagne bottles this week as my own creative project. Then somebody made a comment on my social media post that she had a memory about this one particular champagne brand that I painted. I was really happy to read her comment because I could see that my piece of art connected with her heart. That's something I care a lot when I create my art. This led my mind explore more ideas with my appreciation and longing for being together with family and friends. This piece is a result of these elements. Hope this piece will connect with your hearts!


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