• Keiko Hayner

Hit the first "Submit" button

I have been working on several submissions for websites, publishers and companies. This whole process has been extremely exciting and at the same time it is intimidating! My mixed feelings of a fear of putting my best work out there and hope that somebody will see them. It is almost always true for me that I feel "scared" when I haven't even started a process yet because of uncertainty that what is going to take and what is an outcome. So, my best advice to myself has been "Just Jump In!"

As my very first submission I chose They Draw & Cook website ( For those who are not familiar with it, they promote illustrators/artists all around of the world with their illustrated recipes and food. It is really fun to just even look at it, so I highly recommend you should visit! The November theme is "Rooting for Root Veggies" and I poured all of my time and heart for it. Studied and observed about root vegetables and cooked some meals with them. A process of creating my work felt good and I was pretty satisfied with the results. The scariest part was hitting a "submit" button! I took my deepest breaths and... did it! I almost felt numb after that. My whole body felt this similar sensation that you would feel when you take off iceskating shoes, and it felt good...

What I learned from this experience is that I need to follow my dreams and trust my inner voice "Just Jump In!" when I know it will be beneficial to myself as an illustrator from a moment when I grab a pencil to start sketches to to a moment that I hit the final button. Hitting a submit button wouldn't kill me, but it can be the button to open a door to the different world that I've never seen!

Please check out! Two pieces of my submission work, "1, 2, 3... Pull!" & "Rosemary & Lemon Pepper Roasted Root Veggie" are posted.


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