• Keiko Hayner

I'm over the moon!

I took a little break from writing things out during the gloomy winter time. Texas experienced extremely hard times from the winter snow storm on top of COVID-19 pandemic. So many people lost the power and water. It was a very difficult week... Fortunately, I didn't lose anything in my little house except a half inch of my hair when I was trying to boil water due to a boil water notice. All I could do was reaching out my friends to see if they were okay.

It's interesting because when I feel something is difficult, it makes me focus more sometimes... I decided to put my mind and effort in what I could do the best at a moment and ran into an instagram post of Texas Farmers' Market about sticker design contest by chance. I still can't believe this, but they chose my illustration!!! I'm literally feeling over the moon and can not express how happy I am! They also added "Year-round, rain or shine farmers' market in Austin, TX" on my sticker design, and it feels so good that they know exactly what I was trying to draw. Thank you, Texas Farmers' Market for this opportunity!!

It's available at Texas Farmers' Market website !!


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