• Keiko Hayner

Aha! moment

One of our AJ&K Co's (my online shop) friends asked us if we still had an art print of mushrooms that I painted last year recently. I opened a box of a bunch of original paintings that I have created to look for the mushrooms. It was almost like looking through my journals. I'm not a writer. I don't write journals (But, I sometimes wish because there are so many important moments that I should write down in life!). Some were good and some were not so good. Just like reading something embarrassing that you wrote before being emotional and such.

When I found it in a pile of a bunch of paper, I was actually surprised how vivid and fresh it looked. I painted that piece only last year, but I realized how much I have evolved and changed! I realized I have more solid ideas of my painting nowadays comparing to the last year, but it gave me a huge Aha! moment that I should not build a mental shell to be stuck in a certain ideas, but I should be more openminded to new ideas with fresh eyes.

It was a good reminder that sometimes we need spice things up when we do the same safe routine repeatedly like sometimes we should try Indian curry instead of cooking chicken and broccoli every week. Since that moment, my brain has been going to various directions to challenge myself when I brainstorm before painting. I started gathering ideas for my January projects and I have a feeling that they will look a bit different from what I have done already. Being thankful for this moment and keep growing! Stay tuned and looking forward to hearing your feedbacks!


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