• Keiko Hayner

My Early Christmas Present

Saturday, December 12, 2020 was a big day! We had a very first private art show at my friends' backyard. I had packed every little things from a piece of greeting card to T-shits for sale in cardboard boxes and I was getting excited. Invitations were sent. I started out with the morning of a bit of anxiety and excitement at the same time, and I wrote a daily journal and practiced a short meditation session. Then I was finally ready! As soon as I arrived at a location I could feel the cheerful atmosphere and as we prepared for the show, the the good vibes became the even better vibes with music, decorations, all the products, and the sunshine.

The show was only for 3 hours, but I couldn't be happier to see familiar faces covered with masks and also unfamiliar faces that would come out to see my art. It was so successful, even much more than my anticipation... It was one show, but I definitely felt more possibilities of my business in the future.

As we were cleaning up the hosts, my business partner, Ammie, and myself brought ideas repeatedly "You know what we can do next...?" It takes courage to move up to next steps, but I realized that I actually enjoy this process because you never ever know what is behind of a next door. There is no guarantee that there will be always success, but this event gave me such important goal that I want to keep doing this as an illustrator artist with my best work.

Thank you again for everybody who came out for this event and a special big thank-you for this generous and kind support & friendships, especially to Bentley Perez, Leslie Smith, and Ammie Jo Busby. You gave me the best early Christmas present.

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