• Keiko Hayner

New Year & New Collection!

It's 2021 and I am ready for new challenges with my new resolution as reestablishment! My first challenge started out with my new Culinary Collection for AJ & K Co. My business partner, Ammie, has a passion for food and cooking. Years ago she owned a catering business in Knoxville, TN, and was the food coordinator for a cooking show on the DIY network. Therefore, her passion + my passion for creativity = naturally resulted this whole collection.

We started out with me painting ingredients such as mushrooms, herbs, and fruit. Comparing to my past work, this collection gears toward realistic illustrations to emphasize the the beauty of each ingredients with a touch of my colors. I hope they could see that in your eyes. Then, we came up with an idea of creating illustrated recipes with those ingredients from my illustrations and Ammie's rich knowledge about cooking. We have posted two recipes so far and are planning on making more. They came out really fun and pretty. Also, it's easy to follow for somebody like me as a beginner chef. I have actually cooked two dishes and they were successful and delicious. Those illustrated recipes can be free downloaded at AJ & K Co's blog ( The whole collection has four paintings as art prints and journals. Please check it out!

and... Happy New Year everyone!

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