• Keiko Hayner

Took me guts!

Hi, everyone! I hope everybody has had a nice weekend! I have had a quite busy weekend myself learning all the new knowledge and tools to pursue my dream as a freelance illustrator. There is so much information out there nowadays and it's pretty overwhelming, but I've been taking my baby steps everyday.

As my co-founder of AJ&K Co (my online shop @, my business partner Ammie has been pushing me pretty hard to take videos of myself painting. I knew this was something that I needed to do for our social media at some point, but to be honest with you this idea of taking videos of myself was very scary... Just thinking about it made me feel like a sharp needle was poking on a bubble of my insecurity and vulnerability. But I can't just hide in a closet and hope this fear would disappear, so I decided today was the day! My first video of myself painting.

I felt awkward in the beginning, but as I kept painting I realized it was actually me videotaping myself without anybody else and that came to another realization that "I" was tricking my mind to be scared. Learning how to use iMovie afterwards and Voilà! I did it! Is it the best quality of video? No. Is it the greatest video on today's instagram? No. BUT, I did it!

Sometimes I feel naive to make a huge career change and pursue my dream job at the age of 38 years old, but really... life is so short. I've decided for myself that I would do whatever takes to make it happen! I hope my words will give you some courage that you will tackle your fear also!

Hope you enjoy my very first baby video!


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