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I have been inspired by a lot of children's book illustrations for a long time since that's been always one of my dreams... My inspiration came from a Japanese children's book set about a tiny mouse who wears a red vest. His red vest reminded me a knit vest that my grandmother knitted for me when I was little and she was a sewing/knitting expert. Mice and sewing tools may sound compeltely a random combination to you, but this is the combination of my inner child and my childhood memories. 


"Mice & Sewing Tools" Mini Card is reproduced from an original watercolor painting on fine matte cardstock in 2"x3"with a white glassine envelop.


Production time: 3-5 business days

Cards are safely mailed in a thick paperboard envelop for shipping


Full refund if not satisfied with your purchase & Lost or damaged items replaced immediately! Please send me a message if you have any questions or concerns. 


© Keiko Hayner Illustrations. All rights reserved

Mice & Sewing Tools Mini Card

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